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Name Ratqueen APK Ratqueen APK is the most famous version in the Ratqueen APK series of publisher RunDroid
Publisher RunDroid
Genre Ported to Android
Size 100 MB
Version 0.3.20 Trial
Update 05/24/2024
MOD Ported to Android
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  • Ported to Android

Ratqueen APK In the twisted realm of Ratania, harmony was shattered when a cabal of eldritch alchemists, driven by an insatiable thirst for power and guided by the eldritch whispers of ancient tomes, embarked on a dark experiment that would unleash unspeakable horrors upon the land.

In their relentless pursuit of forbidden knowledge, the alchemists sought to merge the principles of science with the eldritch mysteries of alchemy, believing that by harnessing the raw power of the cosmos itself, they could unlock the secrets of immortality and ascend to godhood

v0.3.20 Trial Initial Release

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