Living With Tsunade Apk

Living with Tsunade APK

Name Living with Tsunade APK Living with Tsunade APK is the most famous version in the Living with Tsunade APK series of publisher RunDroid
Publisher RunDroid
Genre Ported to Android
Size 76 MB
Version 0.39
Update 07/21/2024
MOD Ported to Android
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Ported to Android

Living with Tsunade APK is a game that revolves around the fictional character Tsunade, a prominent figure from the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Naruto. In this game, players get to experience a unique and imaginative scenario where they can live and interact with Tsunade in a daily life setting.

The game might include various activities and situations that allow players to understand Tsunade’s personality, preferences, and daily routines better. This could involve cooking, cleaning, going on adventures, and engaging in conversations with other characters from the Naruto universe.

Players can explore different aspects of Tsunade’s life, such as her role as a skilled medical-nin and the fifth Hokage, her relationships with other characters, and her personal struggles. The game aims to provide an immersive and entertaining experience for fans of the series who want to delve deeper into Tsunade’s world.

New quest for Tsunade :"T-Family"
  • Quest updated for Tsunade: "A helpful hand"
  • Quest updated for Tsunade and Shizune: "Does she like TV?"
  • Quest updated for Sakura: "I'm a medic, I guess"
  • 3 new animation (13F, 10F and 11F)
  • New lock picking mini game.
  • 1 new item added
  • 1 new stat NINJUTSU
  • 1 new teacher: Kurenai
  • 2 new characters: TDeek and TMeat
  • 53 images in total (without counting animation and counting every "comic" style panel)
  • Balance in store prices and working rewards

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