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Name RAGNAROK 20 HEROES MOD RAGNAROK 20 HEROES MOD is the most famous version in the RAGNAROK 20 HEROES MOD series of publisher GRAVITY NEOCYON
Genre Action
Size 56 MB
Version 1.0.27
Update 12/18/2023
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A fantastic journey with 20 charming heroes! Return of the retro RPG of those days! RAGNAROK 20 HEROES!🙂
If you missed the retro RPG in your memories of clearing the stage, start right now. Raise 20 heroes, build a knights through your own hero combination, and get buffs!

⭐ Craft and enhance character equipment to battle world bosses and participate in PVP!
⭐ Advance through the scenario by facing challenges to defeat monsters, clear dungeons, and battle bosses.
⭐ Join a special hero guild to discover the secrets of Niflheim!
⭐ Open stalls and trade various goods!

🚩20 unique hero characters
Enjoy the fun of raising and nurturing 20 hero characters!
Equip 20 Ragnarok heroes with equipment of various grades to make them even stronger!
Form a team and face other heroes in multiple modes of PVP!
There are attractive costumes that you can decorate your hero in your own style.

🚩Unconventional knights system made with your own heroes
Create a group of knights with your own heroes and participate in an all-out battle!
Form a group of knights and improve the stats of all heroes!
Defeat the boss and obtain Guild Coins to purchase items in the Guild Shop.

🚩Dungeons to defeat giant bosses and top content of challenges
Defeat bosses through scenarios and receive various items to grow your hero.
Test your limits every day to see how high you can climb in the Tower of Challenge and acquire the materials you need to grow!
Break through the ever-changing raids and experience themed raids!
Join forces to defeat the giant boss and enjoy the fun of acquiring consumables and equipment materials!

🚩PvP content to enjoy in various ways
Arena where you can compete with other heroes is waiting for you.
1:1, 3:3, Friendship mode, etc. Proceed with a duel in various ways.
Meet the World Boss, get your specs evaluated, and compete with the Heroes to see how strong you are!
Participate in the Arena of Honor and the Battlefield of Heroes to earn ranking rewards!
Become the last man standing by surviving a 10-player brawl.
Proceed with free PVP in the mysterious gathering dungeon and be the first to acquire materials!
When you reach level 60, take part in 5v5 turn-based all-out battles and claim the mana mines!

🚩Guild System
Create a guild and recruit members!
Compete with other guilds and grow your guild.

🚩Heroes’ unique game world view
A colorful and thrilling scenario awaits you.
Enjoy the world of endless adventure unique to Heroes, completely different from existing RPGs!

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