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Love X Debut MOD

Name Love X Debut MOD Love X Debut MOD is the most famous version in the Love X Debut MOD series of publisher RunDroid
Publisher RunDroid
Genre Ported to Android
Size 200 MB
Version 1.1.000
Update 05/18/2024
MOD High DMG on Battlestages
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High DMG on Battlestages

Love X Debut MOD is a popular Korean romantic comedy game that has gained a huge following worldwide. The game was developed by Korean game developer, NPH Interactive, and was released in 2020.

In Love X Debut MOD, you play as a protagonist who is a young idol trainee aiming to debut in the K-pop industry. You are part of a trainee group, and your goal is to rise to fame and become the best idol in Korea. As you navigate the competitive world of K-pop, you’ll encounter love interests, rival idols, and other challenges that will test your skills and relationships.

* The game features an interactive storyline with multiple endings, depending on your choices and actions.
* You’ll participate in idol training sessions, where you’ll learn and improve your skills in singing, dancing, and songwriting.
* You’ll also have to manage your relationships with your fellow trainees, including romantic relationships.
* The game includes various mini-games and challenges, such as music competitions, dance battles, and fashion shows.


* Customizable character appearance and clothing
* Multiple romance routes with different characters
* Interactive storyline with branching paths and multiple endings
* Variety of mini-games and challenges
* Realistic K-pop setting and themes

Love X Debut is primarily aimed at fans of K-pop, romantic comedies, and Korean culture. The game’s themes, music, and characters are all inspired by the Korean entertainment industry.

Love X Debut has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players worldwide. The game’s engaging storyline, lovable characters, and addictive gameplay mechanics have made it a favorite among fans of Korean dramas and K-pop.

If you’re a fan of K-pop or romantic comedies, Love X Debut is definitely worth checking out!

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