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Final 5 Survival MOD

Name Final 5 Survival MOD Final 5 Survival MOD is the most famous version in the Final 5 Survival MOD series of publisher IFUN.COM
Publisher IFUN.COM
Genre Arcade
Size 100 MB
Version 3.6.08
Update 04/04/2024
MOD Game Speed Modifier
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Game Speed Modifier

Final 5 Survival MOD is a survival action game with an apocalyptic world theme that has quite beautiful 3D cartoon-style graphics along with unique character creation.

Vivid sound effects accompanied by background music help create a dramatic and vibrant atmosphere for players to experience.

The gameplay of Final 5 Survival MOD is quite simple, with players only needing to control their character to move to avoid mutant zombies.

Characters will automatically attack when they are within range. When destroyed, mutant zombies will drop crystals for you to collect.

Collecting them will help accumulate experience for the character to level up. Each time you level up, you will be able to choose to receive 1 of 3 randomly given skills.

Skills are divided into two types: attack and stat improvement. With existing skills, when selected, they will be upgraded. The character will have 7 skill slots, which are divided into 4 attack slots and 3 stat slots, each skill can be promoted to a maximum of level 4.

All over the map, there will be random crates that when destroyed, gamers will receive something randomly.

1. Fixed the problem of abnormal and missing player account data 2. Adjusted the size and size of some art resources 3. Optimized some gameplay experience 4. Fixed some bugs

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