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Name Doomsday MOD Doomsday MOD is the most famous version in the Doomsday MOD series of publisher Tipu LLC
Publisher Tipu LLC
Genre Role Playing
Size 200 MB
Version 1.1.6
Update Feb 22, 2024
MOD Damage Multiplier
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  1. Damage Multiplier
  2. God Mode

“Virus outbreak, survivor alliance established”
In the near future, an unknown virus spreads rapidly, turning countless people into immortals, and zombies roam the streets. The apocalypse comes so quickly that people cannot react in time. Social order quickly collapsed and fell into chaos and panic.

Dawes also lost loved ones. In the initial chaos, he was forced to flee his home and search for shelter. The city has become a zombie territory, and every action brings a brush with death.

By chance, I met other survivors. This small group became his new home. Everyone comes together to face the endless nightmare. There are soldiers, doctors, and technical experts in the team. Everyone has different skills, but they jointly pursue the goal of survival.

“Guardians, joint action”
As night falls, zombies surge in, carrying the breath of death. The team must work together to build a defense line, eliminate zombies, and fight for every chance of survival. Each member has specific responsibilities. Some are responsible for patrolling, some are responsible for resource collection, and some are responsible for studying the characteristics of zombies to formulate more effective strategies.

Resources are scarce, making every choice a test. Should the limited medicines be used for the injured, or should they be used to develop new survival tools? Should you choose to rescue stranded survivors, or evacuate quickly to save your team? These decisions tug at the heartstrings of every member and shape the team’s destiny.

“Make tools to fight zombie evolution”
Zombies continue to evolve, and survivors set up laboratories. Experiments are conducted on zombie samples here. Some engineers are responsible for studying the physiological characteristics of zombies; some create new weapons based on this to improve the efficiency of destroying zombies.

However, zombies are constantly mutating, making every day a new challenge. Some zombies are faster, some have stronger attack power, and some even have higher intelligence. The team must remain alert and constantly adapt to changes in the enemy.

As dawn approaches, the survivors use tools and wisdom to fight against the zombie wave. As night falls, new zombie forms will emerge, and survivors must continue to innovate and craft more weapons in order to find a glimmer of hope for survival.

Features of the game “The End is Coming”

[Feature 1] Hold your breath and cleverly break the situation
Walking around in the darkness and fog, you need to use the tools around you to resolve the crisis. The limited field of vision will challenge the survivors’ psychology of resistance to stress. Remember to stay rational in the mysterious atmosphere and find a way out of the situation!

[Feature 2] Flexible team formation to win by surprise
Facing 40+ terrifying monsters, survivors need to make full use of the partners recruited from the camp, flexibly form teams, and win by surprise!

[Feature 3] Crossfire and build a line of defense
Panic spreads, and monsters continue to mutate and evolve. Get to know other survivors in the apocalypse, weave a web of fire, build a line of defense, and work together to defend the last human homeland.

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