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Beast Lord: The New Land

Name Beast Lord: The New Land Beast Lord: The New Land is the most famous version in the Beast Lord: The New Land series of publisher StarFortune
Publisher StarFortune
Genre Strategy
Version 1.0.29
Update 12/25/2023
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The climate suffered from an abrupt change, and resources are scarce. To survive and thrive, as a lord, you decided to search for new territory. After going through all kinds of hardships, you finally found a piece of fertile land. However, the seemingly peaceful new territory is full of hidden dangers.

–Features of Beast Lord: The New Land–
【Build Territory】
There are many lurking dangers around the territory. It is necessary to build a safe environment for your new homeland and cubs to grow up. Proper arrangement of buildings is a vital strategy for the development of territory!

【Summon Beasts】
To better defend and develop your territory, you must increase the quantity of beasts as much as possible, lead them to resist external enemies, compete for resources, and expand your territory!

【Mutate Beasts】
To compete for resources and expand your territory, you also need the assistance of Alphas apart from a powerful beasts troop. Under the combination of beasts and Alphas, your troops will be invincible on the battlefield!

【Form Alliance】
In the dangerous wilderness, for your safety and development, you need to find reliable allies to resist external enemies and increase your power!

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Beast Lord: The New Land is a free strategy game, but there are still some items in the game that you can get and use for a fee. According to the terms of use and user privacy policy, you must be at least three years old to experience this game. Also, accessible network equipment is required.

[New Content] 1. Added Auto Hunt. 2. Added an option to hide your Lord ID. [Optimizations] 1. For the Troop Enhancement system: Standardized the amount of EXP provided by items when they are used as enhancement materials in some of the systems. [Bug Fixes] 1. Fixed an issue where the Battle Status of other Warzones could not be checked in the Strongest Warzone event under certain circumstances. For more details, please check them inside the game~

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