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Name Loạn Chiến Mobile MOD Loạn Chiến Mobile MOD is the most famous version in the Loạn Chiến Mobile MOD series of publisher RunDroid
Publisher RunDroid
Categories Role Playing
Size 763.3 MB
Mod Version
Total installs 1000
Content Rating Everyone
Update May 29, 2022
Features MOD Map Hack
CHPlay URL Google Play
4.0 ( 496 ratings )
Price: $0
Features Mods
  • Map Hack
  • Show enemy wards and traps
1. Do not abuse the mod. This game have banning system and replay system, players can review the replay for proof and report you for cheating. You will get banned for 30 days if caught, and permanent ban for second time. Please pretend to play LEGIT while having map hack and stay low, and to keep this mod free.
2. Sun Wukong - You can use ulti when your team engage with enemy only. Better don't use monkey.
3. Xiahou Dun - Your ulti will make you go to Mars automatically. And of course they know you use map hack. Unless if you have time to mark your ulti where you want land.
4. All range heroes - Don't spam your skill like crazy when you out of vision. You know where there are, but play clean like you miss them. Especially Crystal, Zoe - as far as I know.
5. Please stick with team in war. That make you look like play safe.
6. Don't try to hunt too much. Make it like you don't know where there are and try to play late game if possible.
7. Don't EVER PING in map. Please don't do that.
8. When you in blind mode by Mikio, Mouse, Xia Ling, Albus skills, just back and hold your finger from pressing the attack button.

Loạn Chiến Mobile MOD is an attractive mobile MOBA game with dramatic combat action. In the game, players will control characters called “Champions” and each champion will have a unique passive and set of moves.

Players take advantage of the hero’s attributes and skill sets, working with teammates to achieve the ultimate goal of destroying the opponent’s main house and winning.

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The unique feature that creates the attraction of the Loạn Chiến Mobile MOD game is that this game brings together a diverse general system inspired by many different civilizations.

When participating in the experience of this MOBA game, players will be selected to become allies of noble gods such as Poseidon, Apollo, Emperor Thich Thien, …

The generals in the game will be divided into 6 main roles: Gunner, Assassin, Support, Mage, Gladiator and Tank.

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Each group has a completely different role, champion, and skill.

Therefore, players need to learn and understand the quality of the general and the role of the general in the game to combine with teammates to bring victory to the team.

Install Steps
  1. Remove playstore version
  2. Install mod APK
  3. Copy OBB Files to SDCARD/Android/Obb/
  4. Play the game

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Download MOD (763.3 MB)
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